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An X-ray can be a great tool to check your pet’s internal organs and make the right medical decisions, especially if your pet has an injury or medical condition that is not easily visible to the naked eye.

At Affordable Animal Hospital in North Hollywood, our trained and qualified X-ray technicians have experience working with cats and dogs of all ages. They can safely and quickly take an X-ray of your pet and provide you with the images within just a few minutes.

If you suspect your pet has an internal injury or condition, don’t hesitate to visit our facility and get an X-ray for your furry friend.

When Should You

Get an X-Ray for Your Pet?

When your pet exhibits signs like vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or trouble breathing, an X-ray is often required. These signs and symptoms can point to a condition that needs further research. An X-ray may assist us in determining the root of your pet’s problems and the best course of action for their treatment

X-rays are also helpful in regular check-ups and preventative treatment. They can see the early stages of joint and bone diseases including arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other disorders that are typical in older animals. That said, we can monitor your pet’s health and stop certain issues from becoming worse with routine X-rays.

What Happens During a Pet X-Ray?

Your pet will be handled by one of our technicians or placed on a table for the X-ray in order to keep them motionless and in the right posture for the X-ray equipment. Your pet will be exposed to a little amount of radiation from the equipment, which will then flow through their body and land on a digital plate to produce the X-ray picture. The whole procedure just takes a few minutes and is fast and painless.

Our staff will take all necessary precautions to guarantee the security of your pet during the X-ray process. We use cutting-edge X-ray equipment, and our team is trained to reduce the radiation exposure to your pets as well. To further decrease radiation exposure, we could also employ safety gear like lead aprons and shields.

What Is Detectable by an X-Ray?

Many health conditions in pets may be found using X-rays, including:

Fractures Or Broken Bones: X-rays can reveal if your pet has a fracture or a broken bone, enabling us to provide the appropriate therapy to speed up recovery.

Tumors: X-rays may reveal the presence of tumors or other growths in your pet’s body, which may call for more testing or medical attention.

Foreign Objects: Foreign objects, such as toys, coins, or other tiny things that may be causing health problems, may be found and identified using X-rays.

Dental Issues: X-rays may assist us in identifying dental problems including tooth decay or gum disease, which may call for extractions or other dental procedures.

Organ Issues: X-rays are able to identify anomalies in your pet’s internal organs, including the liver, spleen, and kidneys.

Book a Pet X-Ray at Our North Hollywood Animal Hospital

We are dedicated to giving your pet the finest treatment possible at our veterinary facility. Our cutting-edge X-ray equipment and knowledgeable staff of vets and technicians guarantee that your pet will get the most precise diagnosis and treatment for any health concerns. Make an appointment with us right now by simply giving us a call or filling out a contact form!

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